YouTube has announced it will now be essentially revoking monetisation abilities for small channels like EasyTechAnswers. We get that we provide tutorials and reviews on an already niche market (primarily Linux users,) combined with the fact that our average video length is roughly 9 minutes, we will no longer utilize YouTube for our video hosting platform. Changes will be coming, along with new content. We apologize to those who have grown to love YouTube, and while we wish there were a better outcome to this, our other alternative is to shut down altogether. 

We welcome any donations or recommendations to continue this site and the content we provide, we would LOVE to go completely ad-free and not be held hostage in making decisions like this.

Over the years, EasyTechAnswers has morphed into various forms- from managed services provider and reseller, to general tech news site. As time has gone on, we've discovered a passion we can't think of ever living without- open source!

While we still offer services and assistance, we wish to be a hub for users who wish to integrate open source solutions into their life- whether it's personal, professional, enterprise, home automation, mobile, or so much more- we're here to continue providing our namesake- Easy Tech Answers.